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Once , a doctor , wanting to distract me from the pain that had taken over me , told me an equally painful story .. the story of a baby being born . Apparently, the first contact of the newborn with the most valuable necessity for its future existence , the Oxygen , is dramatically agonizing as the Unknown for the organism , until then , gas acts in a toxic way. Hence , the first cry ..
The observation that the first contact with Freedom goes through the stage of pain which is caused by the Unknown , the following conversion of the unknown to an utmost necessity , the almost scenic route of salvation from darkness to Light , attraction working as a lever for the involuntary mandated act of reproduction , the impeachment of The Rule - as all of them can only be proven by facts of the past & thus, are not sufficient to ensure and predict the future- .. caused an intense inner dialogue.

This ambiguous “picture“ I attempt to imprint in ” Yenesis ” .
Yours Humanly ,


“Breath in , breath out , the shadows of doubt
Come to bed my dear
I am the one to carry your seed
Challenge all future & fear.. “

“Come on , dream now lay your guns to the ground
I’ll spin everything within
The time has come that you bore my child
You bore life into sin.. “

And thus we fly, we dance all around
Our bodies forever entwined
Inside this womb life has begun
The Devil forever defied


& έτσι έρχεται η Γένεσις ..
Γένεσις .. που βγαίνεις από τη ζεστή
& υγρή αγκαλιά της μητέρας σου
για να βγεις στο φως , για να ανασάνεις
να πάρεις ένα κομμάτι ζωής
αυτό που σου αναλογεί φυσικά
γιατί η ζωή ξεκινάει τώρα & δεν ξέρεις πότε θα τελειώσει
Tο μόνο που ξέρεις είναι ότι θα τελειώσει ,
& ξέρεις σίγουρα αν τελειώνει .. ?
Γιατί όλα είναι φήμες ..

Όλα είναι φήμες ..
φήμες του παρελθόντος που έγιναν κανόνες
γεγονότα θα τις έλεγε κανείς
αναλόγως από πού θα το δεις.
Ο μόνος λόγος που ξέρεις ότι αύριο θα ανατείλει ο ήλιος είναι γιατί έχει έρθει τόσες φορές να μας βρει .. & αν αύριο δεν έρθει .. ?

Ήρθε η ώρα λοιπόν για να βγεις ..
Να βγεις & να κόψεις
αυτό το λουρί που θα μπορούσε κάλλιστα
να σε θρέψει αλλά να σε πνίξει κιόλας
Παίρνεις δύναμη .. σε σπρώχνουν .. πιέζεσαι ..
& βλέπεις το φως
Φλέγονται τα ρουθούνια σου, κλαις ..
& εύχεσαι να μην είχες γεννηθεί .. {?}

& το πρώτο αίσθημα που γνωρίζει ο άνθρωπος είναι .. ο πόνος .


released March 7, 2017
Written & performed by DUSK
ELECTRIC GUITAR : Panos Kalkanas
ORGAN : Thanos Karagiannis
BASS : David Bromiras
DRUMS : Constantinos Zervas

Recorded at White Studios in Kipsely, Athens, Greece
Mixed & Engineered by Greggy K. at White Studio in Kipsely, Athens, Greece
Mastered by George Bousounis @ Online Recording Masters
Cover Photography : Eleni Alampei
Cover Artwork : DUSK
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DUSK Athens, Greece

Born and raised in Athens , Greece in the Spring of 1985, my different countries of origin have blessed me with the ability to see that there's an infinite variety of feelings, views & stories in this world and music & lyrics for me are their most beautiful impression. As for the music that I write , it’s my life’s trip through music ,a trip that I’d like to share.

Yours Humanly,
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